Thursday 23 May 2019

Shame on our rowdy students

It was with shock and disgust that I viewed the events of rag week at the University of Limerick last week.

As a post-graduate student recently returned from working and living abroad, I was genuinely horrified at the complete disregard, disrespect and ignorance so many students demonstrated throughout the week.

Flashes of nudity, defacement of public property, littering, loud music and drunken parties until the early hours of the morning, a drunken student hurling himself against my front door at 2am and shouting obscenities, harassment of people who dared attend classes, a steady flow of alcohol from Sunday evening to Friday morning.

And all in the name of charity? I know the residents living in the area have felt bullied and terrorised throughout the week, particularly those with young children.

Those same people who work hard to buy and keep their homes were left sleep-deprived, terrified and helpless once the mob of student 'do-gooders', drinking in the name of charity, took over.

If this is what free third-level education is all about, then let the minister have no qualms about reintroducing fees.

As it stands, free third-level education only heightens the sense of entitlement and arrogance that students display by repeatedly getting excessively drunk and keeping everyone else awake at night, not just during rag week, but throughout the academic year.

And let the university authorities come down off the fence and put an end to this annual week of terror and destruction.

Anne-Marie Studer
Castleconnell, Co Limerick

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