Wednesday 17 January 2018

Shame on inept response to baby

Sir -- I read with horror and disbelief the unbelievable story of baby Robyn Maye (Sunday Independent, October 23, 2011).

As the mother of three boys I well remember the joy of the first year of your child's life ... particularly the first child, when you have the time and energy to enjoy the first step, the first smile and all the significant milestones you encounter with joy and amazement.

The Irish Government response to refuse to acknowledge baby Robyn's existence must generate such an overwhelming feeling of hurt and anger I don't know how Catherine and Michael cope with daily living. We have all encountered red tape and bureaucracy in one way or another over the years, but this is in a different league altogether. The chain of indifferent and cold government departments they have had to deal with -- from the denial of a passport despite the fact that she should be automatically entitled to one, to the Department of Foreign Affairs not to even have the courtesy to explain what the difficulties are -- beggars belief.

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