Wednesday 22 November 2017

Shame of too many lawsuits

What a sad reflection on the society in which we live that in the depths of a national crisis, in which local authorities have been doing their best, a personal injuries lawyer appeared on our national broadcaster to state that people would be entitled to sue if they sustained injuries after their vehicle left the road on an icy patch "missed" by the gritters.

Do we really wish to live in a society in which schools are forced to introduce "no running in the playground" rules for fear of litigation, and, as has happened in the USA, where burglars can successfully sue homeowners for injuries sustained on the premises? Nobody is saying that accident victims should not have some recourse when there is a clear case of gross negligence resulting in injury, however the current situation has gone beyond that, to a point whereby even those who have made their best effort to provide a safe environment may still end up at the sharp end of a lawsuit.

The concept of taking personal responsibility for one's own safety and welfare has sadly been replaced by a mindset that 'anyone but me' is responsible and will have to pay the price.

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