Tuesday 21 January 2020

SF would put boot in

a sample from the secret
Marie Mackle documents.
a sample from the secret Marie Mackle documents.

Madam -- If Sinn Fein got into government, even with an overall majority, it would, in the face of EU budgetary diktat, behave in exactly the same way as the current incumbents -- and as did those other Soldiers of Destiny, Fianna Fail.

The one thing so-called radical political parties desire most is power, but responsibility is what they fear most.

The system doesn't allow for the daft uncertain policies of SF -- which does not have the experience or expertise to run even a parish barn dance.

If one thinks the country is in a bad way now, then just wait and see what is coming down the road if the bully boys get a foot in the door.

SF would, on the one hand, be every bit as compliant in the face of the IMF and the other troika members -- for it would not know what else to do.

But as a government it might continue to put the frighteners on people -- which is its stock and trade and is what it is best at.

So don't be fooled by its unarmed strategy; it would continue to put the boot in if it felt a citizen "deserved" it.

Those who wave the tricolour with as much gusto as the lads won't mind whether it's Berlin or Boston who'd rule over us, so long as SF remains good at being dangerous.

Robert Sullivan,

Bantry, Co Cork

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