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SF not only party with violent past

Niall Ginty (Letters, January 15) must be getting worried about Sinn Fein's growing political success. He attempts to take Caoimhghin O Caolain and Sinn Fein to task, accusing them of hypocrisy.

If Mr Ginty wants to ask questions of Sinn Fein, should we not also ask questions of other political parties?

Should we question Fianna Fail and Fine Gael on those parties' links with a violent past?

Perhaps we should forensically examine the violence of the Civil War here and how both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael still celebrate their historical links with such a brutal and barbaric civil war. Indeed, many voters still cast their vote today based on their family's link to that violent civil war.

The hypocrites are those who constantly question Sinn Fein about violence while ignoring the violent links of other parties.

But then again there is a general election around the corner. Let the people ignore the hypocrites and cast their vote.

EF Fanning
Churchtown, Dublin 14

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