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Sexist rant we could do without

Sir -- I have never been as upset or angry at an article as I was with John McEntee's rant in last week's newspaper (Sunday Independent, May 29, 2011). He is so condescending towards women and treats them just as sex objects to satisfy his desires.

He pretends to know what women are about -- "many women feel complete by giving birth. We [men] delight in replicating ourselves but that does not seem sufficient".

Men retain a "meandering eye", to quote some of the disgusting article. The description of his drunken fumble we could have done without -- "fumbling and slobbering kisses" -- leaves nothing to the imagination but a disgusting, lecherous man.

Did we really want to hear about this? And, as if not content with that description, he had to treat us to another encounter. Pity the women that have encountered him.

Peggy O'Neill,

Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick

Sunday Independent