Thursday 22 March 2018

Sex differences are hardwired at birth

I write in reference to Mary Kirwan's article (June 13) about the "de-sexing" of toys. Because of the differing hormonal infusions that take place during pregnancy, the male and female foetuses develop differently. Male and female brains are hardwired differently.

Common sense and experience tell us that boys and girls think differently and have different interests. This extends to toys. What that means is that all of this talk about 'socialisation' causing all of the differences between the sexes is just so much nonsense.

'Socialisation' may reinforce and reward already existing different sex characteristics, or it may temporarily suppress a male or female sex trait; but enough valid studies have shown that you cannot truly socialise one sex into another. A famous study showed that giving boys dolls simply resulted in their turning them into guns with which they could then play 'war'. Similarly, girls showed no interest in guns and quickly discarded them for dolls and toys of more interest.

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