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Sense of a woman

I don't normally take Kevin Myers, (Irish Independent, January 12) seriously, but when someone coins the phrase "labial message" I really must whinge.

Tell Mr Myers that women are generally very insecure about their toes, as are all humans, in a way. They would only be delighted that their painted foot talons receive cursory glances and gracious acknowledgment.

One feminazi's leer is another's high point of the day. Such double (D) standards are woefully unfair. Anyone saying otherwise probably supports an organisation that seeks to empower the vulnerable and under-represented in society -- an anti-Darwinian bluestocking reading too much Faludi (with 'Cosmo' slyly peeking from within the folds).

That same femme probably has a master's degree in something useless. Her "ground-breaking" thesis probably painted man as a deviant destroyer, an indiscriminate invader.

When I say man, I speak of the male man. Using the term in its original sense, as signifier of the human race, was made illegal. A citizen stands outside our houses of parliament these days with a sign depicting Environment Minister Phil Hogan as the final leader of the Third Reich. 'Heil Hogan', it shouts. It should say 'Well Done, Philippa' if it wants to be truly honest.

In making women more electable, Phillipa has done half the population an injury and the nation a disservice. But what does he care? He'll get his ladies' lunch while we'll have no proper burly men to dig our graves.

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