Monday 19 November 2018

Sellafield fears

We read with concern the huge cost over-runs with the development of an evaporator for the 'Thorp' reprocessing facility at Sellafield (Irish Independent, February 14). What should really worry people in Ireland is, despite the Fukushima disaster and the subsequent closure of the Sellafield MOX facility in 2011, there are still big plans to develop the reprocessing business at the plant, with all its incumbent risks.

Despite this four-fold increase in costs to the UK taxpayer, the UK government wants to build a new plutonium fabrication plant at Sellafield, whilst councils in West Cumbria are currently consulting about going forward with a huge underground radioactive waste repository within a few miles of Sellafield and, of course, there are plans to build brand new nuclear reactors on the Sellafield site (along with reactors at three other Irish Sea coastal sites). We are dismayed with the lack of public debate on this issue from the Republic's Government. It has to speak out, as we are doing now, on the folly of building new nuclear facilities just 60 miles from our coastline.

Cllrs Ollan Herr (Dundalk TC) and Michael Carr (Newry & Mourne DC)
Newry, Co Down

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