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Self-examination needed if church is to move on

l An immense change is taking place in our world. I refer to the imminent death of the Catholic Church after 2,000 years of working to elevate people's thoughts and actions away from their inbuilt animal feelings to higher ways of living.

The unfortunate thing is that the recession has been caused by lack of proper action on the part of the church and not by any change in the basic attitudes of families.

Progress of the human race from animal to higher feelings is the result of religious teaching, and there is no doubt that improvements in human thought and actions have occurred.

The challenges faced by Christians today and the lack of progress are largely due to the church's own deficiencies. The Pope is in his mid-80s and has taken no action to address the downturn that the church is confronting.

He is completely unsuitable for his position and no progress can be made until he goes.

Then there are other vital changes to be made. Priests must be allowed to marry and have families. People need to be allowed to use contraceptives -- to expect poor people to raise large families is wrong and can only have bad consequences.

It is also essential that the church deals with divorce. It will always be required in certain cases. It is simply stupid to think otherwise.

There is something very unrealistic about a bunch of single men in Rome laying down laws on matters about which they they know nothing.

Priests might be trained as counsellors so that they could engage with people on their problems from a practical standpoint, instead of rattling on about the Ten Commandments.

A lot of self-examination is required if the church is to move on.

Eamon Rowe
Killiney, Co Dublin

Irish Independent