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Seeking wise men

Sir -- In an interview with the Financial Times at Davos last week George Soros declared it was "blatantly unjust that Ireland should shoulder the debt" adding that "punitive interest rates are counter-productive", the danger being of "killing the patient".

I am not aware of the comments of this friend of Ireland being discussed either by the media or government. I am aware that in talking with political canvassers the political body of this country is out of its depth. The political institutions have failed the country, and our politicians and senior civil service are kow-towing to the Brussels mandarins contrary to the country's urgent needs.

Do we not need George Soros and perhaps two other wise men to act on our behalf and negotiate with the EU, IMF and other creditors to restructure the nation's debt, prepare plans for a sell-off of State-owned assets, prepare proposals for a new system of governance and civil service with new pay scales, and then put these proposals to the country by referendum? We can then move on to an election.

It is pointless discussing health, education etc until the structure is put right and the debt made manageable.

Charles Hazell,

Fethard, Co Tipperary

Sunday Independent