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Secular education must be a priority

In the last week I have heard that Islamic countries are using Ireland as an example in their attempt to spread an unjust blasphemy law worldwide.

Also, it has been brought to my attention that trainee teachers in one particular college spend four times as many hours studying religion as they do studying science.

How can Ireland claim to be a progressive nation when our laws are used as an inspiration for others attempting to limit human rights? How can politicians claim we need a 'knowledge economy' when our schools spend most of their time involved in religious indoctrination?

It appears to me that we are still a theocracy. The next government must prioritise secular education and repeal Dermot Ahern's disgraceful attempts at restricting free speech.

Unfortunately I cannot imagine Enda Kenny will be rushing to enact such reforms. Only a few years ago he described Ireland as a Christian nation.

Ciaran O Dubhthaigh
Kilmovee, Co Mayo

Irish Independent