Wednesday 24 January 2018

Secret societies at work in State

Sir -- When ducks, you know the kind that water slides off easily, want to convey exasperation with intransigence in others, they say, 'It's like the Vatican responding to an Irish child abuse inquiry report.' Well, perhaps not, but words do begin to fail one when considering the depth of Catholic Church arrogance around the subject of accountability for breathtaking breaches of trust.

Perhaps time has come for us to consider that there is a more sinister element to explain the extent to which the Catholic Church has managed to evade accountability. We all accept that the IRA could never have been as 'successful' without the sustenance provided by the host population. Equally, the Catholic Church could never have become so immune to detection without the co-operation and support of many within the State's infrastructure.

When I became a public servant in the UK during the early years of the Blair government, I, along with all employees, was asked to make a statement about whether I was a member of a secret society, such as the Masons. It is time for a similar approach to be taken with our public service.

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