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Seanad and Dail serve no purpose

Nobody seriously believes that our totally discredited politicians are going to vote themselves out of the state-sponsored convalescing home for failed or rejected politicians. that is the Seanad.

This nonsense is nothing more than another political stroke, by consensus of the main parties, to con the people into believing that they have the sincerity and honesty to tackle the criminal waste of maintaining a useless Seanad that in the past served no purpose whatsoever other than to endorse government policy.

The taxpayer paid dearly for senators travelling all over the world and, of course, the now highly suspect claims surrounding travelling expenses to Seanad Eireann. The Seanad serves no purpose now and unfortunately neither does the Dail. The whole world knows that Ireland is no longer a sovereign state and that the EU and the IMF are now firmly in control. Dail Eireann is now totally irrelevant.

How will our politicians get around the constitutional requirement for a referendum in respect of the abolition of the Seanad while at the same time saving the convalescing home? They will probably set up another all-party Oireachtas committee, with the agreement of the opposition, to be chaired by an honourable member of the Oireachtas to sit and sit and sit, at whatever expense and report whenever. . .

In the meantime, we will have an election between look-a-likes, followed by cosy appointments to the Seanad, while the national debt will go through the roof and our youth will disappear over the horizon never to return.

John Ferry (Chairman) and Frank O'Brien (Secretary) My Vote, Your Seat Campaign for Democracy Sligo

Irish Independent