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School's move to iPads is a welcome decision

A SCHOOL has just announced that it will dispense with schoolbooks and use iPads for students' tuition and study. This is a good idea as it reduces the weight that students have to carry to and from school, as well as providing an opportunity to utilise a wider range of prescribed text and study aids.

It is a welcome move to take advantage of the development of technology and will prove a cheaper and more convenient option than the conventional purchase of text books.

It may also lead to substantial job losses as there will be no requirement for printing such books, no need for paper, distribution, booksellers or the big bags to carry the heavy load.

The greatest benefit may be to bring home to politicians and economists that technology has changed the world of commerce forever.

Unless there is a major rethink of the whole work and jobs policy, with a realisation that the challenge is to create more jobs from less work, the students that benefit from the advance of technology will face the prospect of unemployment, regardless of what qualifications they achieve.

Padraic Neary
Tubbercurry, Co Sligo

Irish Independent