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Schoolboy . . . Cynical . . . Gaffe-prone TD . . . Rats

Enda Kenny's response to Brian Cowen's announcement last week had nothing honourable or statesmanlike about it.

Fine Gael might now decide to have a bit of sense and elect someone willing to rise above such tit-for-tat schoolboy behaviour.

Caitriona McClean
Lucan, Co Dublin

  • When the citizens of this State wish to claim their jobseekers' payments, statutory redundancy payments, student grants, etc, they have to wait months to receive them.

I'd like to know how long our ministers and TDs have to wait for their severance payments (after quitting a job) and pensions?

I believe anyone who gets the chance to represent us should see out their full term instead of making cynical moves to retire for higher pensions.

In the real world, if you quit your job, you are suspended from any payments.

Kevin McCormack
Farran, Co Cork

  • So, the woman who thought evolution was Einstein's idea is now in charge of health as well as education? Someone should intervene.

What exactly qualifies this gaffe-prone TD to run the two most important departments of government anyway?

I'm sure that even the people who vote FF can't be happy with Mary Coughlan holding these portfolios. We need change now.

Ross Burke

  • Now that Brian Lenihan is planning to put a 90pc tax on bonuses to bankers, maybe he would extend it to all the rats (sorry TDs) who are jumping ship and getting huge payouts?

After all, they no more deserve them than bankers.

Christy Crawford
Portlaoise, co laois

  • Why not call the Universal Social Charge what it actually is, a Bank Charge, instead of this vague cryptic term?

Gerry Bowe
Ennis, Co Clare

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