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Scenes of jubilation will prove short-lived

THERE have been jubilant scenes for Fine Gael and Labour all around the country. It will be short-lived as one remembers the real reason why this snap election was called.

The banking system is not yet out of difficulty; public finances are in a pitiful state; jobs are being lost; emigration is soaring; and we are hanging on for dear life to the EU which is frowning on this country.

It should be remembered that the last time Fine Gael took power in the Garret FitzGerald era, it doubled the national debt, despite promises the party made at the time in vowing to turn things around.

And it is by no means a wonderful day for the people in this country to bring in such a party.

Sure, Fianna Fail protected special interests, but why are so many people of the belief that change will come just because a potential Fine Gael and Labour coalition is upon us?

Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore have talked the talk, now let's see them walk the walk with the huge burden of debt this country is under.

Good luck lads -- you will need it!

Maurice Fitzgerald
Shanbally, Co Cork

Irish Independent