Sunday 8 December 2019

Say it loud -- Irish and not so proud

HAVING spent more than 45 years working, living and travelling in many different countries throughout the world, both my wife and I were always comfortable with and proud of our Irishness. Last week, however, here in Spain, when asked where we were from, we both simultaneously recoiled from answering immediately.

When discussing it afterwards, it shocked and disappointed us that we subconsciously felt ashamed and hesitant to declare our nationality.

We were ashamed because our great country, our Taoiseach and Government are daily being lampooned and denigrated.

We have again become the butt of 'drunken Paddy' jokes here and in the international press. We are more ashamed, upset and angry because the incompetence, failures and squandermania of Fianna Fail, from Haughey to Ahern/Cowen, have needlessly decimated our once vibrant economy.

We grieve for the loss of generations of our young people forced to emigrate. We also know, full well, that nobody will ever be held accountable in the courts, and that the perpetrators of these offences against the Irish people will now enjoy outrageous pensions, compensation and golden handshakes.

John Cooney

Irish Independent

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