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Save Christ from immoral Vatican

Sir -- I used to think that Sinead O'Connor was nuts, but I now think some of the bishops and priests are nuts. The great and deliberate deception these priests and bishops have engaged in has left us sad and confused.

In her article (Sunday Independent, July 17, 2011), Sinead O'Connor states we must destroy the nest of devils in the Vatican, for Christ's sake. She is right, we cannot leave Christ in their care. The Vatican should be abolished altogether as it would take 100 years or more to get rid of the rat infestation of immoral bishops and priests.

Maybe the people should start their own alternative church. We should walk away from the Vatican and its pompous ways. Jesus got angry in the temple and scattered the pharisees and the publicans, upturning the tables in his anger. We need to do it again in His name and for His sake. The Irish Church should look after its own "alternative catholic people's church" and let Rome burn.

Ms Terry Healy,

Kill, Co Kildare

Sunday Independent