Sunday 21 January 2018

Same old strop

Sir -- I am absolutely incensed on reading Michael O'Leary's comments (Sunday Independent, August 21, 2011). The late Brian Lenihan said that we are all in this together. What a joke. The privileged wealthy in this country are excluded from that. This time last year, Mr O'Leary had his little boyish strop, quoting the same old rubbish: "I will leave Ireland if they increase taxes!"

Mr O'Leary, I say to you, it's not the Croke Park deal that is holding this country to ransom. It is the privileged wealthy who are doing it, and always have.

The ordinary Joe Soap PAYE taxpayer will yet again look after things. Well, enough is enough. If this Government does not ignore this sort of financial blackmail, we can then finally call this a banana republic!

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