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Same old, boring stuff from RTE

When a letter writer to your paper last week listed a number of cost-cutting suggestions like abolishing the Seanad and other economic measures, she asked if she had left anyone out.

In my opinion she had. She had left out our national broadcaster RTE, which seems to believe the IQ of the ordinary listener is the equivalent of a shoe size.

RTE must be the only organisation in this country where the overpaid main names took off at the start of Christmas week. Some only return to work this week. Thus you had the John Murray show with Kathryn Thomas and the Pat Kenny show with Myles Dungan.

There seems to be no encouragement of new ideas at the national station so we are left with the same old, boring, programmes like 'Off the Rails' and 'Eco Eye'.

Until programmes improve on RTE my remote will continue to be overused.

Eileen Malone
Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

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