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Sad teacher

• Never have I been so disillusioned by this country. What a time to radically overhaul our education system, at a cost of €10m a year, yet we are educating our children in overcrowded classes in rundown, dangerous buildings while the most vulnerable in our society -- those with learning difficulties -- are having the help and resources they need and deserve cut left, right and centre.

This is due to a complete lack of foresight and consideration shown by those in power, who once again have ignored the opinions of those standing in a class every day, those who undoubtedly want the best for their students and who know what works and what doesn't.

Not only has the Government completely 'deprofessionalised' teaching through extreme pay cuts and cuts in degree and diploma allowances for newly qualified teachers, but it has also ensured that in the future we will be educating our children to a much lower standard. In a very short space of time, teachers on a very meagre wage will be standing in front of huge groups of teenagers, teaching an 'interesting module' that is not within their area of expertise, exhausted from the hours of correcting they are doing outside of their teaching hours.

Anyone who argues that a teacher works only 22 hours is delusional and I shudder to think what the working week will turn into with these new changes.

Can the Government not see that education is the ONLY way to get this country out of the mess it is in?

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