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Ryanair, take a bow, well done!

I know this letter will not please the Ryanair knockers but I must give credit when due.

Last Wednesday I was stuck in Girona airport as our 9pm flight was cancelled because of severe weather at Dublin Airport.

I assumed we would be stuck for days as the following days' flights were booked out. I was delighted, however, to be offered multiple options to fly to other airports and then on to Dublin the following day. I opted for a 7am flight to Malta and then on to Dublin, arriving at 2.30pm.

The airport staff were super, friendly, pleasant and upbeat, despite some idiots demanding their "right to fly".

Even my original priority boarding was extended to both extra flights.

I did not have to pay a cent extra. I had unticked the Ryanair optional insurance as my night in the airport hotel was covered by my own travel insurance. I tried to explain that to an irritated passenger who demanded that Ryanair pay for his accommodation, but failed to get through to him. He wandered off muttering what he'd do to Michael O'Leary if he was here.

I just want to say well done to all at Ryanair.

Now I want to fly Ryanair back to see Malta!

Dave Phelan
Castleblayney, Co monaghan

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