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Rusty Murphy, Kilcormac, Co Offaly

Responsibility lies with Church

Madam -- Cardinal Brady must be held responsible for the damning conclusions found in a BBC documentary last week. He and other Church clerics seem to be incapable of accepting that their lack of action or judgement gave a green light to institutionalised child abuse by very dangerous paedophile priests in this State.

If the likes of Brendan Smyth were sufficiently dealt with at the time of such allegations of abuse, they would have been stopped from inflicting any more depraved acts on innocent children.

Cardinal Brady has two choices in this matter: he can continue to disassociate himself from accepting any responsibility whatsoever, or he can admit to his obvious failings and resign his position as it is now virtually untenable.

Vincent O'Connell,

New Ross, Co Wexford

Sunday Independent