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Rubbishing Jedward is unfair and mean

With only weeks to go to the Eurovision, the lack of support being shown to our 2011 entry is unfair. John and Edward are constantly being branded an embarrassment. We should be supporting them instead of indulging the negative comments from those like Johnny Logan who I, just like John and Edward, only know about from the McDonald's advertisements.

If your own country won't support you, who will?

In the run-up to Eurosong, accusations were made they wouldn't sing live, but they did and won.

Not only is it untrue what the papers write about the twins being an embarrassment and rubbish, it is also mean. I think respect should be shown to them, after all they are representing us.

John and Edward are exactly what the Eurovision is all about. Johnny Logan and other anti-Jed heads are living in a past where ballads were the way to go.

I'm not asking you to be a Jedward fan, but to support them.

Hannah Williams (Age 15)
Bray, Co Wicklow

Irish Independent