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RTE overstaffed

• It is 8am and the news comes on. Someone comes to the microphone and gives the headlines, then steps out.

Then someone else steps in and gives the headlines and steps out.

A third person steps in and gives the headlines and says "over to the news".

At last the newsreader steps in, and before the news we get the headlines.

Then someone steps in and gives us the weather.

Then someone steps in and gives us the traffic news and steps out to have someone step in with "what the papers say."

This circus goes on from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays just one person does the lot. In fact, they only need one because unless someone falls off a bike outside the studio there is no weekend news.

This is not a circus, but RTE. And who pays for all this? We do. How can people who have no money invested in broadcasting demand huge amounts for working there?

You are entitled to earn money on your own investment, but not fortunes at the expense of an investment by the taxpayer.

Instead of the Government closing hospitals, schools and garda stations and cutting pensions, why not close our broadcasting goldmine? It could pay off much of our debts.

Dermot C Clarke
Mount Merrion, Dublin

Irish Independent