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RTE lessons

• It is a mark of his Christian charity that Fr Reynolds has asked that no one be dismissed from RTE over allegations about him contained in a programme.

However, Fr Reynolds has taken a vow of poverty, which the rest of us have not.

The cost to RTE, borne by the rest of us, has been enormous: legal costs and damages must run close to millions.

To ensure that never happens again, the least licence fee payers might expect is that someone be held accountable for what is, after all, the most basic journalistic error: not getting the facts right, and by so doing nearly destroying a person's life.

If no one is held accountable, people in RTE will conclude that they can get away with anything they like: arrogance will be piled on arrogance, and the rest of us will pay the price again and again.

Eoin Dillon
Mount Brown, Dublin 8

Irish Independent