Friday 18 October 2019

RTE empathy is hard to swallow

Sir -- I hope that any TD refusing to pay the new €100 household charge is swiftly prosecuted and given the maximum sanction under law.

But those overpaid, sanctimonious craw-thumpers in RTE, with their anguished breast-beating as they empathise with hard-pressed house-owners, are what really gets my goat. Their apparent blindness to the fact that their own feather-bedded positions are paid for from the arbitrary annual tax (licence fee) of €160, is truly nauseating. Even where households have a waiver in respect of the licence fee, it is paid on their behalf to RTE by the Department of Social Protection.

Perhaps the Government should allow householders to offset the €100 they pay against their annual licence fee. That might soften a few coughs in Montrose.

Peter Molloy,

Glenageary, Co Dublin

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