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RTE: deja vu, again

• In relation to your correspondent Dermot C Clarke (Irish Independent, September 24), I would like to know how many hours in the year up to September 1, 2012, have been allocated to repeats on all RTE channels, both TV and radio.

Having recently paid my licence fee, it begs the question: what am I subscribing to -- repeats of movies, soaps, documentaries, comedy shows, etc etc etc, as well as through-the-night repeats of radio programmes and 'Miriam Meets' etc, etc, etc?

Is there a need for all the children's TV channels, when they could be all bundled together for the afternoon on RTE 1? I only ask this and the following questions to stress a point -- is there a need for all the radio and TV stations that now exist? Who listens to them and watches them, and are there numbers for those that listen to and watch the digital stations? How much does it cost the taxpayer/licence payer to keep these on air?

In the climate that now exists, should 'roadcasters' now be sold off and other facilities around the country put to good use, like they are doing with countrywide correspondents? I wonder, am I the only person in the country who feels I am being hoodwinked/ripped off by the system?

No disrespect to those who present TV and radio programmes or those who work in the background, but if a hard look was taken at live programming, does it really take so many to put programmes such as 'Morning Ireland', John Murray, Pat Kenny, Joe Duffy, Derek Mooney or 'Drivetime' and suchlike on the air? Are there any statistics to know how many tune in to watch the live edition of 'Morning Ireland'?

I guess I could go on for pages more, but suffice to say I have now got my rant off my chest. I look forward to the readers of your Letters Page filling the columns with their thoughts -- and maybe even a reply from someone in RTE!

CJ Black
Blackwater, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford

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