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RSA's adverts blame victims

The Road Safety Authority's 'Crashed Lives' advert shows the tearful father of a man run down and killed by an articulated lorry blaming his son for his own death because he was not wearing a fluorescent jacket; no blame is attached to the driver of the lorry.

The man was walking quite legally and properly at the side of the road.

There is no legal obligation to wear luminous clothing, and in fact very few people do.

However, there is a legal requirement to drive within the limits of visibility, and at night to drive within headlight range.

Everyone has the legal right to walk along public roads and motorists should not be driving so fast that they cannot see pedestrians, yet the RSA in the new Rules of the Road, by claiming "pedestrians are extremely difficult to see", appears to be condoning dangerous driving; it could be inferred that motorists can mow down pedestrians with impunity.

It is sound advice to wear fluorescent clothing, but it does not confer immunity.

The RSA should be educating motorists in careful driving; not in victim blaming.

If the RSA really wanted to reduce pedestrian casualties they would be campaigning for lower speed limits, footpaths, pavements and pedestrian crossings.

Michael Job
Glengarriff, Co Cork

Irish Independent