Saturday 21 April 2018

Ross doesn't pull his punches

Madam -- It's said 20 per cent of the population are the fat cats who control 80 per cent of Ireland's wealth! Shane Ross must be the only sitting TD ever to publish a book revealing the secrets and shortcomings of his 'own kith and kin'. In The Untouchables, co-written with journalist Nick Webb, he spills the beans on all and sundry in the world of capitalism.

The book sells because the man in the street is always curious as to 'how it's done' by the invincibles at the top. Great credit to Mr Ross whether on the air, in print, with the vast knowledge from his Trinity days through to stockbroker, financial journalist, senator, TD -- he can talk his way out of a paper bag.

His fat-cat background has faded into oblivion, allowing him to punch hard and still survive. I met him once at a Telecom AGM. As usual Ross was battling it out on behalf of the beleaguered shareholders.

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