Monday 23 October 2017

Rose-tinted Rising

•I wasn't aware the 1916 Rising was the result of a 'democratic mandate' from the Irish people, (as claimed by Martan O Conghaile, Letters, September 19). My understanding was that at the time of the Rising, the reaction from the majority of Irish people, especially those whose homes and business were burned and looted, was far from supportive.

It was when some of the leaders of that Rising were shot by the authorities (which unfortunately for us didn't include Eamon de Valera, or we might have been spared the Civil War his ego was to cause after he lost the argument on the Treaty-- the supporters of which did in fact have a democratic mandate from the Irish people) that the public started to pity them as having been treated too harshly.

It also needs to be pointed out that the Home Rule Bill had been passed in 1914 and was a done deal. It was only the outbreak of war that delayed it coming into effect.

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