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Rory McIlroy

@rockfacemineral Like rest of Norn Iron will be cheering on @rorymcilroy this weekend

@JasonSobel Stat of the day: Six of this week's competitors won their Masters titles before current co-leader Rory McIlroy was born. @MrAndrewCotter Rory McIlroy romps round in 65. 7-under. That's rather good. #Augusta #Masters

@sctty89 Let's go Rory!

@billymcmacken Damm good golfer. He is legit.

@roach8 @billymcmacken what did I say Rory Mcllroy tied for the lead!!!#masters

@Buccigross: Rory McIlroy is the youngest player in Masters history to hold a share of the first-round lead (21 years, 338 days old) #masters

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