Wednesday 17 January 2018

Rome rule

• Our Taoiseach is right to stand firm in the views he expressed so elegantly in his Dail speech. Though what he said has not gone down well in Rome, he could have said far more. Many of us who profess to be Catholics do not accept that our faith involves believing in the machinations of Rome. The institution of the church, with its male hierarchical structure has become marginal to the living of our Christian lives.

People in Ireland are not losing their faith, they have justifiably lost confidence in the institution of the Catholic Church in its present form and functioning.

It is the institution that has lost its faith -- its faith in our capacity to live our lives in accordance with the basic Christian belief that we should do unto others as we would wish to have done unto us, without being encumbered by the endless edicts and statements of the church's teaching.

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