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Rock bottom

• How do we know that we have hit rock bottom in the pond that is Ireland? Or put another way, how do we know that we are on the road to recovery?

Simple really. The latest polls have Fianna Fail back as the second-largest party and Martin Mansergh was crowing about it on 'Morning Ireland'. Makes a change from all the wet mornings since 2008 when I was in actual terror at the thought of turning the radio on in the morning.

How do you measure abject failure and missing an open goal? Look at the self-same polls. The Coalition who were virtually begged to come to our rescue from decades of decadent skulduggery have seen their golden ticket go up in flames. Fianna Fail is up 4pc with a fair wind at its back.

Now it was not all failure by the Coalition. Big business and the developer class were hot-housed and frost-proofed.

The review on upward-only rent was sent to the shredder, but the PAYE carcass is still being picked at. Troika to blame there squire, says our elected elite.

John Cuffe
Co Meath

Irish Independent