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Roads system makes no sense

If it did not already exist, anyone who suggested the casual and completely uncontrolled use of road vehicles, travelling at different speeds and passing within inches of each other at closing speeds of several hundred kilometres per hour, sharing the same track, mixed up with cyclists, pedestrians and animals, without any proper guidance or signalling systems would be considered completely insane, especially given our obsession with health and safety today.

Humans are not infallible: everyone makes mistakes, loses concentration and can be careless.

Driving tests cannot prevent deliberate recklessness. Therefore, it is quite astonishing that casualty rates are not far higher.

The situation is worse than the official figures indicate, because some casualties recorded as injured die some time later, and elderly people can die as a result of quite trivial injuries.

Furthermore, studies have shown that less than half of all injuries are officially reported, and many minor injuries can result in a permanent disablement and reduced life expectancy.

The RSA lacks the power to do anything and now it has launched a series of frightening and depressing but pointless adverts.

A system so inherently dangerous and destructive should never have been allowed in the first place, but we cannot rewind a century of history.

Michael Job
Glengarriff, Co Cork

Irish Independent