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Rising revising

• One could be forgiven for thinking that the Irish Independent is the official paper for the unionist and loyalist community in Ireland.

Over the past few months, a series of anti-republican articles have appeared by numerous columnists.

Kevin Myers is the most notable -- just this week, he once again criticises the 1916 Rising.

Here we are almost 100 years later and the Irish Independent is downcasting the leaders of the Rising just as it did at the time.

I must say, though, that Mr Myers does counter the triumph of The Rising by mentioning some of the atrocities committed by the IRA.

To the best of my knowledge, Mr Myers is in favour of commemorating those Irishmen who fought in The British Armed Forces. I agree that their lives and sacrifices should be remembered but there are a few facts about the recruiting processes used by the British Armed Forces at the time.

The British recruiting officers often preyed on young men at the local hiring fairs and filled their heads with stories of adventure and financial security. This was done when the young men had drink taken and were not thinking straight.

The reality of the situation would only come to light the following day when RIC officers turned up at the young men's homes and order them to honour the commitment made the previous day.

There are two sides to every story.

John G. Gallagher
Address with editor

Irish Independent