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Rising phoenix will prevail

Sir -- My gran was widowed at a young age and struggled to raise seven children. Around 60 years ago the guards came to take her cows because she couldn't pay the land rates. Though the farmers next door couldn't pay theirs either, the guards didn't visit there. Why? Because they voted FF. Such is why this party gained power. It gave huge favours to its own at the betrayal of justice for all.

Hence the events of fire meeting fire everywhere in the Dail last week. I wholeheartedly welcome the destruction of the most powerful party since the State began, having finally burnt itself out in the end.

Keep the bellows blowing under the ashes to the rising phoenix of the new era. The era of consciousness to open, honest transparency is indeed shooting up its sprouts very strong. So much so that it has them all flabbergasted in the Dail.

Vera Whelan,

Crossabeg, Co Wexford

Sunday Independent