Saturday 18 January 2020

Riots won't bring a united Ireland

What a disturbing development that people from the South cross the Border to participate and perpetuate trouble. This type of activity is a million miles away from the shared future Northern Ireland has waited patiently for.

How can orchestrating attacks on authorities and destroying private and public property help republican aspirations? Bricks, bottles, stones, sectarian slurs, injuries, hate, provocation, and petrol bombs will not bring a united Ireland any closer. It will cause unnecessary tension and encourage young and impressionable people to get involved in violent confrontation.

It is arguable that there was a lack of proper leadership at the recent Twelfth parades. However, community leaders cannot always hold the hands of thugs who are very determined to cause disturbances. There is also the issue of cost for anti-orange protests, which will run into the millions and put more pressure on the general public for taxes to clean up the mess.

It was hoped that these types of scenes were a thing of the past, not an omen for the future of things to come. We can only hope and pray that the immature and bloody-minded become enlightened some day.

Maurice Fitzgerald,
Shanbally, Co Cork

Irish Independent

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