Friday 24 November 2017

Rights of law-abiding citizens are ignored

Kevin Myers (Irish Independent, August 10) has a point when he mentions the failure of immigration and absent fathers in Britain that, like, in this country, have never been seriously debated. It is a fact that racial assimilation in many parts of Britain's inner cities has been a complete failure and the promotion of single parenthood should be seen for the disaster it has become.

Yet race and an absent father form parts of the story of the riots in Britain, at the bottom of whose society is a stratum of young adults with no discipline, skills, education, values or aspirations. These thugs are what they are because nobody makes them aspire to be anything different or better and one of the main reasons for such delinquency is a complete lack of any sanctions to deter it.

The people of Ireland shouldn't comfort themselves with a misguided notion that such things couldn't happen here. Visit any city on a weekend where you will witness anti-social behaviour.

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