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We bank on the leaders of the State to state the state of the state banks. If the banks state we can bank on the state of the state banks, is it as safe as a bank to bank in state banks without fear of the State banking steeply into a worse state?

Michele Savage
Dublin 12

  • In asking bond holders such as Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich to share the burden of rescuing the Irish financial system, an ideal solution may be found in a compensatory transfer of all our TDs and senators.

At present market and opinion poll values, the Chelsea owner could acquire the lot on a free transfer.

Ciaran Walsh
Dublin 3

  • LAST Saturday's Irish Independent page one comment was a breath of fresh air.

It should be printed up as a poster and placed beside the 1916 Declaration. The blame game is over and nation-building must restart once again. Your comment writer is to be commended, and the 'Indo' for leading the way!

K Nolan
Carrick-on-Shannon, co leitrim

  • To senator Shane Ross's credit, he is, in his latest book, being consistent with his policy of exposing waste in the public sector, but I wonder what his policy is on abolishing the Seanad, as recommended by Colm McCarthy in the Bord Snip report?

Brendan Casserly

  • David Quinn is right in his cynicism towards RTE (Irish Independent, October 1).

Of course it isn't completely objective; all news media reflect the opinion of the people on the street and there is a lot of anger with the church.

But obviously this lack of objectivity sprang out at him, since he himself is a pillar of all things objective and never shows any agenda in his articles.

Matthew Mulligan
Lucan, Co Dublin

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