Thursday 23 May 2019

Rich, spoilt brats at university

Third level education has become a very expensive farce in many ways for the taxpayer who pays to educate those who are not interested in study, given the law and order issues associated with third-level students.

A large population of unruly students spend most of their time on heavy drink binges, sleeping around and causing public disorder.

Every year, the same stories come flying at us: accounts of lawless behaviour.

These wild and reckless people are a danger to all and sundry, not least to those students who frequently end up in hospital over drink or drugs.

Universities have more to do with socialising and hanging out than with indulging in serious reflection.

Students spend long hours on their mobile phones having inane conversations about last night's bash where everybody got sick with drink. Some of the more shrewd students are not even seen from one end of the semester to the other and only turn up at key times such as exams and conferrings.

It is unfortunate that the whole third-level education arena has become a playground for spoilt rich brats who are in it for a good time at someone else's expense.

Maurice Fitzgerald
Shanbally, Co Cork

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