Friday 15 December 2017

Revolting TDs

• The gang of opposition deputies advocating the boycott of the household charge have turned their backs on the job they are paid €90,000 per year to do. They are encouraging people to break the law. While they may relish the opportunity to boost their public relations' credentials following a stint in the slammer, the ordinary Joe Soap will certainly not. His employment and travel opportunities would be severely limited if he earned a criminal record.

We are a country that historically used civil disobedience to earn our basic rights. Blood was spilt, lives were lost -- but our predecessors secured our sovereign national parliament. It is insulting to me as an Irish citizen.

I commend them for going before the electorate and fairly winning their right to sit in Dail Eireann. Not many have their voice, their access to the media, their platform. We need a democratic opposition, for example, deputies who use their seats, not break the law.

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