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Revenue clean-up

• Efficiency startles us like rabbits in headlights. I'm an old-age pensioner who fought in the grey brigade during the medical-card rebellion. However, I didn't realise then that we had a public service we could not afford and whose inefficiency will continue to strangle us as we struggle to get a foothold on the ladder of recovery.

The 'clean-up' began with Social Protection Minister Joan Burton tackling lone parents. I was one of those as I was still being allowed for a dependent child -- for nine years after she left home and became employed and a taxpayer. Why didn't I inform them? Revenue had her details and in my naivete I believed that departments communicated with each other. I'm very grateful that this has been rectified and done with discretion.

I am grateful to live in an age when the old and children feature high on the list of priorities. Hence the furore among the public when old-age pensioners are perceived as being attacked. I'm grateful too for the concern, but in today's society, there are many whose fate is far worse.

I have neither a mortgage nor dependents and, thank God, my health is good. It is my belief that Revenue will deal with each case with discretion and will act only where there is clear evidence of tax evasion. So let's give them a chance.

Mary Briody
Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

Irish Independent