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Return to gender

• I was most annoyed to see the headline on your article describing Roisin Shortall's intelligent and pointed speech in the Dail as a "hissy fit". In my opinion, there are many more "hissy fits" from the male benches.

It is always interesting to me to see how language is used to describe and denigrate what women say as opposed to men.

I am disgusted with your cynical description of the junior minister's role and also the assumptions you made regarding her reactions in the Dail when you claimed it was evidence of her "disappointment" at not getting a cabinet position.

This said, just how exactly can Ms Shortall show an inability to get on with the job (never mind an ability) when in your own words "the balance is not fair as the cabinet minister holds all the cards"?

I would not be surprised to see the Labour Party going the way of the Green Party at the next election -- and I expect that Roisin Shortall may be one of the few to keep her Dail seat.

Patricia Burns
Address with editor

Irish Independent