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Retiring TDs don't merit big pensions

Your report regarding the grave danger being posed to people by overcrowded conditions at our A&E's is just one in a long line of failures overseen by Mary Harney.

The whole system has been greatly undermined with even staff morale now at a dangerously low ebb.

The rather straightforward solving of the outrageously long waiting times was fluffed. Harney allowed ideology to intervene, adopting a convoluted approach which resulted only in creating an additional layer of expensive bureaucracy.

What is greatly irritating about all of this is the fact that Ms Harney and her colleagues will soon be allowed to ride off into the sunset with their pensions.

Why should pensions be paid to anyone who has not reached pensionable age? Why should those who have failed us so dramatically be given anything other than the basic state pension?

Given what has come to pass, one might expect principled people to acknowledge their failures and refuse to accept any payments that might be construed as a reward for services rendered and accept that their only entitlement is the state pension payable at age 65.

But we know that is unlikely to occur, so what is needed is an indication from the incoming administration that they will change the rules.

Otherwise we will be justified in asking, will changing the government really bring the changes that the country is yearning for.

jim o'Sullivan
rathedmond, co sligo

Irish Independent