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Responses were so insightful

Sir -- I can't believe Patricia Redlich is gone. I missed her letters page for some time but thought she might have been on holiday. Her death came as a total shock.

The Sunday Independent will not be the same without her. She was the most gifted, knowledgeable and compassionate person imaginable. As a reader I felt I knew her. The amazing thing was that I would normally just skim over problem pages, but Patricia's responses were so insightful that I always read them to completion.

She had a unique approach to every situation, to the extent that one would sit up and think: "I never would have looked at it like that..." I would read a problem with interest and wonder just how Patricia would respond.

Patricia is irreplaceable. She leaves a huge void. Readers will miss her warm, down-to-earth honest style, her firm connection with the troubled, wounded souls caught up in modern Irish society who cried out for a sense of direction in their lives.

May God grant her eternal rest.

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