Saturday 25 January 2020

Respect rights of disabled drivers

Sir -- Regarding the letter (Sunday Independent, Dec 4, 2011) from Justin Kelly about the horrific abuse of a wheelchair user in Dublin by what can only be described as a female moron driving her car, I would like to further comment on the disgraceful practice of parking in disabled-parking spaces by able-bodied motorists.

May I, through your paper, make the following points:

1) The disabled logo is known internationally, so please (foreign nationals take note) do not pretend when confronted that you don't know what the sign is.

2) The disabled-parking space is not for yummy mummies in people-carriers with kids in tow.

3) The disabled-parking space is not for anyone who is going to the cash point and "will only be 30 seconds!"

4) And this is the most distressing point of all. The disabled-parking space is not for sons, daughters, husbands and wives who may have a disabled relative at home -- in other words, not with them in the vehicle. It's this blatant misuse of the disabled card, which is most annoying.

Disabled-parking spaces are for people such as my brother, who has MS and is wheelchair bound. It is most unpleasant for him, getting out of the car and trying to get into his wheelchair in the pouring rain.

Most disabled-parking spaces are near the main doors of shopping centres and public buildings to accommodate wheelchair users so that they don't have to park a long way from the entrance and add getting soaked through to their disability.

Disabled people need these spaces so please respect their right to them. Have a little patience if a wheelchair user is struggling across the road in front of you, as the moron I mentioned at the start of my letter obviously hadn't.

An old saying comes to mind, 'What goes around comes around!'

Kathy Ward,

Walkinstown, Dublin 12

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