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Resolution . . . Seanad abolition . . . Prize questions

My New Year's resolution is simple. I resolve to emigrate, make a new life and never return to Ireland to live or work again. After returning 12 years ago, all my hard work, efforts, hopes and expectations are reduced to nothing.

I have no income -- as a self-employed person I'm entitled to no assistance -- and I am in serious debt for the first time ever. There is nothing to keep me here any more.

Rory O'Connor
Address with editor

  • Fianna Fail senators are in revolt over their party's plan to hold a referendum to abolish the Seanad (Irish Independent, January 4). And who do some of them blame? Why their own leader of the Seanad, Senator Donie Cassidy.

To quote one FF senator "Mr Cassidy (as leader of the Seanad) has made the Seanad a laughing stock by failing to find a meaningful role for it''.

The Seanad has been in existence for over 70 years and these guys are still trying to find a meaningful role for it! Enough said. Roll on the referendum so we can get rid of this wasteful institution.

Patrick Pidgeon
Blessington, Co Wicklow

  • Anybody who has listened to radio in Ireland over recent years would have noticed the 'push' to answer questions as difficult as 'What day of the week is it?' for a prize.

Meanwhile, 'The Late Late Show' and others must clock up hundreds of thousands of calls at €1 each for prizes that have been given in return for free sponsorship.

For the customer, it's a bad bet. For RTE it is hugely profitable and I'd be surprised if it yielded less than €10m per annum. Good news for the well-paid in our competitive broadcasting market.

I don't know if it demonstrates how desperate the public are or how unwise we remain on financial matters but it isn't a good sign either way.

S E Lydon
Wilton, Co Cork

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