Saturday 7 December 2019

Reshuffle . . . Farming . . . PR disaster . . . Jobless

The minimalist changes in the cabinet reshuffle clearly illustrate the bizarre situation within Fianna Fail at present. We have a Taoiseach who is too weak to risk sacking any of his ministers, and a group of ministers who are too weak to sack the Taoiseach.

Is this the "balance of power" they talk about in politics?

Barry Walsh
Dublin 3

  • It was with great interest that I read the measures for the new Agri-Environment Options Scheme our brave Government is introducing. Measures include fencing off areas for wildlife and growing species-rich grassland. My favourite is planting oats that have to be ploughed back into the ground in the autumn. One measure I suggest they add is to encourage farmers to gambol through the fields scattering buttercups from a basket while yodelling.

C O Conbhuidhe
Co Sligo

  • Immediately after the breakdown of talks with the Government late last year, lower-paid civil servants stated they intended to take industrial action in 2010.

I sent a letter to the unions suggesting they focus their action directly against the government administration: ie, adopting a go-slow in Dail Eireann itself and not upsetting the general public.

What they are doing at the passport office is shooting themselves in the foot. They are losing the PR war as it is the public who are suffering and not the Government, which created the present scenario.

Leo Armstrong
Co Kildare

  • Why don't all those workers, who are so dissatisfied with their jobs that they have to work to rule, lock themselves in, give up their jobs and let the thousands of unemployed in this country, including three of my own family, do their jobs instead? These people would be delighted to have a job to go to.

Patricia Keeley
Dublin 6W

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